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Designer and Owner, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design

voila! is without a doubt one of my favorite stores in Los Angeles. Not only outstanding quality frames, beautiful custom finishes, vast selection, and skillfully antique distresses mirror plates carried within their framing shop, they also sell the most weird and wonderful decorative objects and furnishings  painstakingly collected from the four corners of the world by Katrien, the stores chic proprietor and design director. It's a decorator's paradise and a true design destination.


US Retail Director, TASCHEN America

At TASCHEN we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence, not only in the publications we create, but in the services we attempt to provide for every client. It is upon this standard and expectation from our audience that we carefully select collaborators that share our passion for service, professionalism, and delivering the best product possible. With more than ten years of service from voila!, it gives me tremendous pleasure to recommend Katrien and her staff, who are always on call and willing to accommodate whatever challenges we throw their way. Elegant, professional, and exactly when we need it. I guess that's why they call it "voila!"



Art Director, Sir Elton John & David Furnish Photography Collection

It was always very helpful to have the experienced staff of voila! help us with framing some of our most prized works! Leaving a piece of treasured art with a trusted source and having it come back to you in a beautiful frame is rewarding for everyone involved. It was a joy to work with voila! and we will continue to use them with our upcoming projects.


Client, London

voila! can frame anything, with anything. If you have no idea what you want, they will guide you, like a child being walked around Disneyland. If you have a specific request, a strange one-off idea, they relish it. I now carry all my photographs and art from the UK to Los Angeles because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the job voila! does is always professional, beautiful, with great attention to detail, and enthusiastic concentration on exactly what it is I would like to see on my wall.

voilaFrame (1).jpg


Fine Artist Photographer

voila! is the premiere source from framing in Southern California. The frame mouldings available range from the simplest stock selections to the most sophisticated custom creations. Whatever you can imagine, voila! will supply. The have the creative and technical expertise to deal with any framing challenge and have framed my photographs to archival standards not only for me and for my family but for clients worldwide as well. They are particularly adept at handling the very largest pieces of art. Use voila! confidently.


Film & Television Producers, New York City

Katrien and her staff at voila! are much more than incredibly skilled artisans. They provide services that we have found to be invaluable - dedication, collaboration, and personalization. With special attention to our customized needs, voila! made our home fell more intimate and unique. Their artistic intelligence and originality allowed our mixture of vintage posters and photography prints to be framed and situated in an impressively natural composure. The professionalism and adoration infused into their work, guarantee and unparalleled result of beauty.

voilaFrame_instal (13-01).jpg
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